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Basis Technologies is prepared for the future of identity.

The deprecation of third-party cookies and other identifiers is forcing the industry to reimagine how audience targeting, frequency capping, and attribution can be brought forward in a privacy-friendly manner.

How did we get here?

  • 2016
    • GDPR adopted by the European Union.
  • 2017
    • Apple Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) limits tracking on Safari. 
  • 2018
    • Mozilla Enhanced Tracking Protection (ETP) limits tracking and third-party cookies on Firefox. GDPR goes into effect.  California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) passed into law.
  • 2019
    • Microsoft Tracking Prevention (MTP) blocks third-party cookies on its browsers.
    • Apple Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) blocks all third-party cookies in Safari by default. 
  • 2020
    • California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) goes into effect. 
  • 2021
    • Apple iOS14 prompts users to opt-out of tracking, reducing the availability of IDFAs. 
  • 2024
    • Google Chrome to block third-party cookies by default. 

How are Third-Party Cookies Used Today?

Unique IDs, such as third-party cookies, as well as browser and mobile identifiers, allow advertisers to track users across websites, serve relevant ads, and measure performance.

We are Prepared for Privacy Changes

Basis Technologies is developing new tools and features to drive scale and performance for effective privacy-compliant solutions in this new era of advertising.

LiveRamp IDL: Basis partners with this identity solution that replaces third-party cookies. IDL is widely adopted by publishers with 60% of the Comscore Top 50 signed on.

Contextual targeting: Basis is integrated with four of the leading contextual data providers.

First-party data: Basis safely handles millions of first-party records through our partnership with LiveRamp.

Private Marketplaces:
Users can buy PMP inventory easily and gain immediate access to 1400 pre-negotiated deals covering video, mobile, connected TV, and more.

Cookieless Conversions: By appending privacy-friendly IDs to every ad click, Basis continuously tracks post-click conversions on an advertiser’s site.

Conversion Models: Basis’ integration with Google Marketing Platform provides access to their conversion modeling. This approach extrapolates conversion data from trackable sources to those with limitations.

A New Era in Advertising

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