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Effective Privacy-Friendly Solutions

Healthy alternatives to third-party cookies.

The demand for responsible management and use of personal data has been driving important changes in our industry. The impending deprecation of third-party cookies allowed us to reimagine how digital advertisers can successfully leverage audience targeting, frequency capping, and attribution in a new, privacy-friendly way.

Leverage your first-party data

Through our partnership with LiveRamp, Basis converts your CRM data into first-party audience segments.
Simply upload your records into our platform and start targeting your audience the same day.

Your Guide to Privacy-Friendly Advertising

Need to prepare for privacy changes? Learn more about how third-party cookie deprecation is impacting the digital advertising industry and discover some of the privacy-friendly solutions available today in this comprehensive guide.


Basis Technologies offers a host of privacy-friendly tools and features to drive the performance and scale digital marketers need to thrive in this new era of advertising.

LiveRamp IDL: Basis partners with this identity solution that replaces third-party cookies. IDL is widely adopted by publishers, with 60% of the Comscore Top 50 signed on.

Contextual targeting: Basis is integrated with four of the leading contextual data providers.

First-party data: Basis safely handles millions of first-party records through our partnership with LiveRamp.

Private Marketplaces:
Users can buy PMP inventory easily and gain immediate access to 1400 pre-negotiated deals covering video, mobile, connected TV, and more.

Cookieless Conversions: By appending privacy-friendly IDs to every ad click, Basis continuously tracks post-click conversions on an advertiser’s site.

Conversion Models: Basis’ integration with Google Marketing Platform provides access to their conversion modeling. This approach extrapolates conversion data from trackable sources to those with limitations.

A New Era in Advertising

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