Media Planning

Activate faster and more effectively

Streamline Your Digital Advertising Workflow

Basis simplifies the media planning process and helps you create more strategic digital campaigns. Our planning tools allow you to activate campaigns faster and more effectively, with exclusive data and resources that set each campaign up for success from the start.


Users who agree that Basis’ powerful
automation tools help them move from
planning to activation faster.

Automation + Advertising

Centralized planning for all teams

How does Basis simplify media planning?

With our integrated automation tools, you can streamline your entire campaign workflow and unlock greater efficiency—for your media and your talent.

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Contract Management

Stop digging through emails or shared folders​. Basis offers unified RFP, IO, and media plan management—all in one platform.​

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Inventory Forecasting

Create accurate and personalized DSP inventory forecasts in-platform, and easily transfer settings to campaign tactics.

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Campaign Benchmarking

Take the guesswork out of benchmarking with exclusive
spend and KPI data across all
Basis channels.

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Partner Directory

Spend less time searching: access contacts from over 10,000 direct inventory properties—the industry’s largest media directory.

Streamline Your Digital Advertising

How does Basis automate your campaign processes?

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Advertising Automation

Basis optimizes the way media teams plan, activate, execute, and analyze their campaigns, so you can focus on what really matters: media strategy and outcomes.

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Automated Performance

Basis breaks down channel silos, simplifies processes, and accelerates digital media execution by consolidating your
workflow—all in one platform.

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Automated Measurement

Basis automates and consolidates your reporting across multiple channels, saving you time and reducing manual work when you’re closing campaigns.

Simplify Your Media Planning

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