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Automated Reporting

Data-Driven Storytelling

Measurement made easy

Automated measurement tools that help advertisers save time
and reduce manual reporting tasks across multiple channels.


Average time customers save
per campaign by pulling and
their reporting with Basis.

Automated Reporting with Basis

Omnichannel advertising meets unified reporting

Unified Data Sources

Save time and reduce the manual effort involved when consolidating reporting across all channels​.

Dynamic Reports & Insights

Easily connect with correspondents to confirm campaign delivery and end date, as well as request any final reporting required.

Real-Time Dashboards

Comprehensive, personalized reporting dashboards that illustrate campaign trajectory and showcase success​ with Data Canvas.

Automated Billing With Basis

Process and collect faster and more efficiently

Combine all media data—regardless of inventory source—for easy and accurate exportation into your accounting or ERP system. 

Track your contracts and their revisions, as well as vendor performance data, to true-up at the end of your campaigns.

Focus on creating, producing, and delivering on your clients’ expectations and less time finding, organizing, and unifying the right financial information.

Streamline Your Digital Advertising

How does Basis automate your campaign processes?

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Automated Planning

Basis breaks down channel silos, simplifies processes, and accelerates digital media execution by consolidating your workflow—all in one platform.

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Automated Performance

Basis enables seamless pacing, analysis, and optimizations, helping you generate better outcomes through automated adjustments.

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Advertising Automation

Basis optimizes the way media teams plan, activate, execute, and analyze their campaigns, so you can focus on what really matters: media strategy and outcomes.

Simplify Your Reporting

See how advertising with BasisAutomate+ can transform your business.