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Simplifying the campaign process and saving you time.

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Automate key tasks within the digital campaign process. Basis optimizes the way media teams plan, activate, execute, and analyze their campaigns, so you can focus on what really matters: media strategy and outcomes.


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Automation + Advertising

Bring people back to the forefront with automation.

Simplify Your Media Buying

How does Basis automate your campaign processes?

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Automated Planning

Basis breaks down channel silos, simplifies processes, and accelerates digital media execution by consolidating your workflow—all in one platform.

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Automated Performance

Basis enables seamless pacing, analysis,
and optimizations, helping you generate
better outcomes through automated adjustments.

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Automated Measurement

Basis automates and consolidates your reporting across multiple channels, saving you time and reducing manual work when you’re closing campaigns.

Transform your digital media buying

Advertising automation can seamlessly boost performance across the entire campaign lifecycle—from planning, to performance, to measurement. Automation with Basis means a whole new level of efficiency and collaboration,
simplifying today’s fragmented media markets and saving you time.

A New Era in Advertising

Transform your business today.