Basis Assistant

Automated Campaign Notes for People & Platforms

Leave complex shared spreadsheets behind.

Successful campaigns run across multiple channels, so we built tech to break down silos. Basis Assistant, a Chrome extension, connects over 20 platforms and tools—Facebook Ads, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Docs, and many more.

Basis assistant

Basis Assistant is yours.

A knowledge-sharing
tool for every campaign.

Basis Assistant

Whether you’re running a programmatic campaign in the open exchange, buying impressions in a social media platform, or creating a report in a dashboarding tool—users can input notes from all of these sources in Basis Assistant, without switching programs.

  • How it Works

    Connect to any platform with Basis Assistant.

    • Download the browser extension.
    • Connect your Basis account.
    • Authorize any other platforms—for example, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, and more!
    • Record campaign changes and tie those notes back to a Basis campaign.
    • Click here to download Basis Assistant
      in the Google Chrome web store.

  • Changes To Campaigns

    Tracking campaign changes has never been easier.
    Record notes from any platform connected to Basis Assistant.

    1. Open Basis Assistant.
    2. Choose a Campaign.
    3. Write a Comment.

    Note: All entries are aggregated and organized in Basis Assistant
    as threads that users can download as CSV files.


Simplify and Automate

Simplify & Automate

Basis Assistant streamlines campaign logs and instantly adds context—campaign name, source, when, and where.

Onboard and Update

Onboard & Update

Basis Assistant allows new users to catch up on campaign history and optimizations quickly.

Campaign Performance

Campaign Performance

Enjoy time off knowing that teammates can access all communication, optimizations, documents, and more - at any time.

A New Era in Advertising

Transform your business today.