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Harness first-party data to reach more potential customers.

What is First-Party Data?

As new regulations and enhanced customer privacy impact the volume of third-party data available to marketers, now is the time to pivot to a targeting approach driven by first-party data. Rely less on third-party cookies—build and activate audience segments to create a richer customer journey and provide custom messaging for various segments and buying stages.

Benefits of using First-Party Data

Learn more about your audience.

Boost your performance.

Do you know your target customer? Find out who is engaging with your website and learn more about them—beyond the basics.

image of ad targeting customer

Did your campaign reach the right people? View impressions to learn more about who saw your ad and better understand your audience.

image of ad targeting providing more in depth information about specific audience

How can you reach more high-value customers? Identify your seed audience and grow your target based on those attributes.

look-a-like-modeling visual featuring the most data about high-value customers

What’s Possible?

With DMP Data.

  • Male 35-45
  • Relationship Status: Married
  • Asian Pacific American C-Suite Executive
  • Parent of two kids in elementary school
  • Plays sports locally
  • Travels twice a year
  • Cat owner

Impact Future Campaigns

Utilize data and insights to guide future business decisions.

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Eliminate Wasted Spend

Informed decision-making helps maximize every dollar of your media budget.

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Optimize for What Works

Analyze post-campaign data and focus on the areas that drive the best results.

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Launch Smarter Campaigns

Achieve business success with a digital strategy that performs better and better each time.

A New Era in Advertising

Transform your business today.