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Basis Institute’s certification program was recognized as the Best Educational Tool or Program by AdExchanger.

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Certification Courses

Each Essentials course is open to everyone and free for you! Dive into bite-sized learning that will increase your knowledge and power your campaigns.

Continuing Education for Basis Users

These programs are for Basis users only. Get ‘Basis Certified’ on your own time through virutal sessions, or join us LIVE to connect with our subject matter experts and other Basis users.

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Basis Foundations

For new Basis users digging into campaign set-up, basic buying capabilities, and new features for direct and DSP campaigns.

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Basis Foundations 2.0

For existing Basis clients with a firm understanding of campaign set-up and looking to build a new set of capabilities within Basis.

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Certification Courses

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Earn Basis Certification badges and add them to your LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter profiles. Each badge highlights the specific course or topic that you’ve completed and verifies your skillset in a clear and concise way.

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networking and learning with local peers at our in-market symposiums

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