Private Marketplaces

Access exclusive, customizable inventory opportunities.

What is Private Marketplace Advertising?

Private marketplaces (PMPs) are customized, invitation-only ad environments where publishers make inventory and audiences available to an individual or group of buyers via auction-based or programmatic guaranteed deals. Publishers can choose which advertisers have access to this inventory, which tends to be more premium and exclusive than what is made available on the open inventory exchanges.

One Publisher, One Buyer

Publisher and buyer agree to a guaranteed number of impressions to be delivered at a fixed CPM.

One Publisher, Fixed Price, Specific Buyer

Pre-auction deal with a specific buyer, 1:1 relationship.

One Publisher, Private Auction, Select Buyers

1st or 2nd price auction with select buyers. A minimum bid price floor is set by the publisher.

Many Publishers, Open Auction, All Buyers

1st or 2nd price auction with all buyers.

Programmatic Guaranteed

Enhance your campaigns with an added layer of predictability. Programmatic guaranteed streamlines your workflow, allowing
you to lock in the cost and impressions of a deal upfront. Reduce complexity with no insertion orders to manage,
and get higher value with real-time data at your fingertips.

What are the Advantages of Private Marketplaces (PMPs)?

1,500+ Pre-Negotiated Deals

Access an extensive library of deals and explore newfound inventory. Leverage Basis’ team of experts for help with deal negotiation and management.

Effective Deal Management

Eliminate third-party tracking documents by uploading, saving, and managing deals directly within Basis. Utilize in-app messaging tools to negotiate directly with 1,000+ publishers.

Precise Troubleshooting

View information about each deal to ensure the PMP selected can support targeting parameters. Basis conducts a series of validations to identify potential set-up issues.

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