Media Metrics &
Business Intelligence
in One Place

Run a more efficient business and better campaigns.

Connect all digital marketing campaign data – including programmatic, direct, search, social, and connected TV, with over 180 different business intelligence metrics via one interface.


Dashboards Highlights

Drive better optimization decisions down the road with accurate and real-time data reporting capabilities for campaigns. Utilize the granular dashboard in Basis to optimize quickly.

Spend fewer hours on data analysis and reporting. Gain a holistic view of a wide range of data to better monitor team operations and workload.

Leverage data insights to better anticipate performance issues, monitor seasonal changes and optimize more quickly.

Screenshot of graphs for line item pacing and line item KPI performance within Basis dashboard

Switching managed service providers? Take your Basis instance with you—including all its connectivity, historical data, and communications.

Visualization of how Basis ensures business continuity

Features & Capabilities

Media Performance

Utilize Basis’ programmatic, search, social, direct, and CTV APIs to eliminate manual reporting merges from disparate data sources.

Business Intelligence

Gain access to accurate, consolidated analytics and report on media investment ROI, workload, vendor spend, performance data, and more.

Team Insights

Use workload metrics and campaign counts to better support media teams, conduct workforce planning, and drive greater productivity.

A New Era in Advertising

Transform your business today.