Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Magic happens when people of all identities and backgrounds come together to support a common goal. At Basis Technologies, we’re in constant pursuit of that magic—and we know we can’t achieve it without systems to ensure diversity, equity, and inclusion across our teams.

Our Mission

At Basis Technologies, we strive to: 

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Grow a culture that welcomes, supports, and champions people with diverse identities.

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Identify and remove explicit and implicit barriers to a diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplace.

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Provide continuing education to ensure all our people are familiar with diverse perspectives.

Our Guiding Principles

We use the following principles to guide initiatives
in service of our mission statement:


As an international organization with international clients, our philosophy of DEI is globally informed. At the same time, we tailor our initiatives to the local needs of each office and team.


A reactionary “commitments, then crickets” DEI strategy is not our style. We invest our resources in initiatives that are built for true change and lasting impact.


Our people and workplace are our first priorities—sharing our efforts externally is secondary. Our goal is to live our values and provide transparency into our progress along the way.


Workplace DEI doesn’t happen in a silo. To make impact, each member of our team must be engaged and committed.

A Team of Disruptors

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