Basis DSP Enterprise API

Chart Your Own Path

Design custom programmatic solutions with Basis DSP Enterprise API.

Real-time bidding technology to automate and customize media buying.

Create a customized media buying experience with the #1-rated DSP as your engine. Integrate Basis DSP Enterprise API with set applications and workflows, or design a custom interface to build and manage campaigns.

Who this Serves


Own the process and data. Build a tool that is tailored to your unique business processes and data needs.


Bring more value. Create a solution for your agency that adds new capabilities, increased transparency, and precise control.

MarTech Platforms

Increase your reach. Use the Basis DSP Enterprise API as the foundation of your programmatic capabilities.


Capture more revenue. Deliver more impressions and improve internal operations by tailoring a tool for seamless audience extension.

Franchise Models

Manage media more easily. Control media buying from a centralized location while branch offices conduct local targeting with a customized user interface.


Competitive Edge

Capitalize on opportunities and build a solution that no one else can offer.

Customized Solutions

Leverage the #1-rated DSP as a foundation to customize powerful applications.

Owned Data

Gain complete media transparency and data portability.

A Partnership Beyond Tech

Utilize our services paired with world-class tech—education, API documentation, and more!


Leverage Basis’ enterprise API to increase accuracy and allow more time for strategy.  

Create campaigns, tactics and ads, manage audiences and conversion tracking, and optimize and analyze every dollar. Basis DSP Enterprise API provides full control.

Set up campaigns easily using built-in machine learning or algorithmic optimization to automatically analyze data from 30+ campaign parameters towards the desired goal.

Target campaigns based on geo-location by city, region, or country. Use the hyper-local functionality for more detailed geo-targeting to target users with precision.

Reach individuals across multiple devices, operating systems, or applications for unique cross-platform targeting and tracking based on performance data.

Access over 25,000 audience segments with 30+ data providers to gain flexibility and data targeting options. Create audience lists via Basis DSP Enterprise API.

Take advantage of detailed documentation and dedicated support while you build your solution. We partner with preferred vendors, internal teams, or choice developers.

A New Era in Advertising

Transform your business today.