Media Buying

Effortless control of your campaigns

Meet your campaign goals

Reach the right consumers at the right time—and do it as cost-effectively
as possible. Our performance tools help you drive ROI and stay agile with
data-driven optimizations at any phase of the campaign.


Average time users save per campaign by
more easily identifying and implementing
optimizations using Basis.

Digital advertising made simple

BasisAutomate+ helps you get more out of your media buying, with tools that make it easy to launch, pace, and analyze your digital campaigns.

Campaign Setup

Choose from all the campaign settings needed to meet your goals. Select from inventory, device type, PMPs, exchanges, brand safety, and more.​

Partner Communications

Stop searching through inboxes and hunting down IMs. Basis centralizes your communication with all direct vendors and team members, so you can keep all campaign communication in one place.

Performance Analytics

Get in-platform delivery and performance analytics pages, so you can start analyzing with the click of a button.

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Improve Your Campaign Performance

Five easy-to-implement optimization motors to boost performance and maximize ROI through automated bid adjustments and targeting.

For Granular Control

Optimize toward your campaign KPIs (including eCPC, eCPA, eCPCV, CTR, and VCR) and leverage algorithmic optimizations that automatically modify bidding and/or update targeted inventory to ensure you reach your campaign goals.

For Intelligent Optimization

Use AI to evaluate over 30 different targeting parameters and create a robust model customized to your campaigns, and bid smarter by letting your campaigns learn from each other and drive for better results.

For Dynamic Bidding

Bid more efficiently by applying custom multipliers to targeting parameters (inventory type, frequency, exchange, and creative), and easily control situations where you want to bid more or bid less—without having to build additional tactics.

For Bidding Efficiency

Reduce time spent on manual analysis and bid updates while driving better results: Automatically optimize bid price based on historical data to win more at a more cost-efficient price.

For Budget Allocation

Automatically distribute budgets between campaign tactics based on performance—creating efficiency and reducing the need for manual reallocation and budget adjustments—and assess both performance and delivery to ensure optimal delivery and campaign results.

Automated Bidding with Basis

Turbocharge your campaign performance

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Time Savings

Reduce the need for manual
intervention—let Basis optimize your
data for you.

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Always-On Incrementality

Maximize your time and your ad spend
to reach audiences more efficiently.

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Continuous Learning

Uncover hidden opportunities to inform
future strategies.

Streamline Your Digital Advertising

How does Basis automate your campaign processes?

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Automated Planning

Basis breaks down channel silos, simplifies processes, and accelerates digital media execution by consolidating your workflow—all in one platform.

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Advertising Automation

Basis optimizes the way media teams plan, activate, execute, and analyze their campaigns, so you can focus on what really matters: media strategy and outcomes.

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Automated Measurement

Basis automates and consolidates your reporting across multiple channels, saving you time and reducing manual work when you’re closing campaigns.

Simplify Your Media Buying

See how advertising with BasisAutomate+ can transform your business.