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Audio Advertising Guide

After a decade that’s been dominated by visual media, people are showing signs of screen fatigue and shifting more of their attention to audio. The percentage of Americans who listen to streaming audio has doubled since 2012, and more than half of all daily audio listening is now happens on digital devices. Audio content is surging, audio ad tech is maturing, and everyone is listening—from Boomers to Gen Z, and everyone in between. 

Audio is flexible, ubiquitous, and unique in its ability to follow a user throughout their day—you can listen to music or a podcast while going for a jog, doing the dishes, riding the bus, or trying to focus. Audio enhances screenless experiences and offers more moments for advertisers to intentionally connect with their audiences.

Yes, audio is everywhere—and the opportunities are seemingly endless. Read this guide to learn more about world of audio advertising and see why digital audio advertising should be a larger part of your media conversation.

What you’ll learn: 

  • Who is listening, and what they’re listening to
  • Strategies to ensure more impactful audio experiences
  • How Basis can help you reach your audiences using audio

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