Brand Safety &
Fraud Prevention

Showcase your ads in a brand-safe environment.

Brand Safety and How it Works

Brand safety refers to practices and tools that prevent an ad from appearing in a context that doesn’t align with an advertiser’s brand standards. Ad fraud is the practice of serving digital ads that are misrepresented or have no chance to be viewed by a human user. Selecting the right advertising platform can help advertisers avoid common pitfalls.

How do I Protect my Brand and Avoid Ad Fraud?

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Brand Protection

Gain third-party brand safety segments upon launch, from partners Comscore, Grapeshot, and Peer39. Exclude sensitive content and include quality content such as viewability, ad count on page, language, and more.

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Basis is a certified member of the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG)—an advertising industry organization focused on eliminating fraudulent traffic, combating malware and ad-supported Internet privacy, and promoting brand integrity and safety.

How does Basis Prevent Ad Fraud?

How does Basis prevent ad fraud?

Through a combination of automated technology and manual monitoring, Basis conducts
rigorous inventory cleansing to eliminate fraudulent or questionable traffic.

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Assess measurement tags and supplemental data from major anti-fraud vendors, including crawling of ads.txt files and data analysis.

pre-bid blocking sources

Pre-bid Blocking Sources

Utilize IAB/ABC Spiders & Bots User Agent Lists, Pixalate, proprietary data sets, and more, as part of ongoing monitoring efforts.

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