Communication Portal


Email is the fax of the 2000s.

Communicate progress, updates, optimizations, and reconciliations across teams, vendors, and clients, in real-time. Basis integrates external communications with internal messaging to foster better collaboration within media teams, whether they’re virtual or in-person.


Basis enables media and marketing teams to connect,
collaborate, and perform while working apart. 

A 2020 user survey reveals that 95% of users say
Basis improved their ability to work remotely.


Increased Visibility

Workload allocation and transparency unite all teams and organizations.

Transparent Messaging

Campaign-related messaging history mitigates disruptions during vacations or turnover.

Real-time Updates

Automated message alerts save time by flagging campaigns in need of immediate attention.

Billing Simplified

Streamlined communications improve accuracy during billing and reconciliation processes.

A New Era in Advertising

Transform your business today.