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About this PG Advertising Certification

Step inside the world of Programmatic Guaranteed to discover how PG is different from other transaction models, It’s adoption in the industry, its advantages and best practices for running a PG campaign in Basis!

Ways to buy programmatic inventory

We’ll quickly review the ways advertisers can buy media today (hint: programmatic guaranteed deals are one of them).

A Brief History Lesson on Digital Advertising 

In order to understand why programmatic guaranteed was invented, we’ll take a look at how advertisers purchased media before programmatic technology and the advantages and disadvantages of buying media directly versus programmatically. 

Programmatic guaranteed (PG) by the numbers 

Programmatic guaranteed has come a long way since its inception and we’ll review some quick stats on how the industry is using it today.

What is programmatic guaranteed (PG) and when should I use it?

We’re back to the basics! Leave this session equipped with a better understanding of what PG is and when you should use it!

Using the programmatic guaranteed (PG) budget calculator

Watch this helpful tutorial to understand how to calculate what percentage of your total budget should go to a PG deal and how to account for additional fees.

Setting up programmatic guaranteed (PG) in Basis

See how you can harness the power of Basis to create PG deals, accept proposals from Google, and create a PG-specific campaign.

Commonly asked questions

This session is extremely important as we’ll dive into common questions surrounding settings, requirements for a PG deal, budget nuances, and the differences between PG and other buying models.

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