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About this Marketing Funnel Certification

Dive into the marketing funnel! Learn about the stages of the funnel, discover how a consumer’s decision-making process lines up with each stage, and identify which digital advertising campaign tactics are most appropriate—and effective—every step of the way.

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Course Highlight

A Healthy Funnel from the Real World

When a vitamin brand needed to reach health-conscious women and moms to create awareness, consideration, and purchases, a full-funnel marketing approach was just what the doctor ordered.

Additional Learnings in this Course

Learning the essentials is a key to gaining a competitive edge in the digital space. Leave these industry-recognized programs ‘Basis Certified’!

An Introduction to the Marketing Funnel

We all know what a funnel does in the physical world. So, how can the marketing funnel add fuel to an advertising campaign? Learn how the funnel impacts approaches and tactics for smart, strategic, results-focused advertising.

Descriptions of Each Funnel Stage

What do we really mean by “awareness”? How are we sure a customer is “considering” us? And are “conversions” all about making the sale? Explore each stage in detail.

Defined KPIs—Measuring Success

As you learn what each funnel stage is all about, you’ll also gain better insight into what “success” looks like: Which metrics you could focus on, what the numbers mean in order to improve.

Level Up

Exit the marketing funnel certification with real examples of successful campaigns plus a stronger knowledge of how the funnel can make your advertising as strategic as possible.

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