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About this Private Marketplace Certification

Private Marketplaces are becoming increasingly important with the deprecation of cookies on the horizon. Learn why in this course.

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Course Highlight

The Future of Private Marketplaces

This online course will take learners through the growth of Private Marketplaces and why they are important.

Additional Learnings in this Course

Learn what a Private Marketplace is and the benefits, and take a sneak peek into how they work in Basis. 

Introduction and Overview

We’ll look at how Private Marketplaces are defined and the difference between an open marketplace.

The Growth of the Private Marketplace (PMP)

Understand the reason behind the tremendous growth of PMPs.

Common Terms

Learn what the most common terms are when talking about PMPs.

How It Works and the Benefits

Time to see how a PMP works and why buyers might want to add them to their media buys.

When to Use PMPs

Learn when it’s best to use a PMP and some reasons why.

Highlight: Audio, Sports and CTV PMPs

We’ll take a look at some different PMPS that are available and different publishers that offer them.

The Basis Approach

Time to see Private Marketplaces in action and how they are set up. Using Basis DSP as an example, we’ll navigate what it looks like in a DSP.


Learn what you’ll need to consider before adding a PMP to a media buy.

Case Study: CTV PMP

See how everything ties together in a case study that used a CTV PMP.

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