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About this Direct Buying Certification

Learn the ins and outs of direct buying! Journey through the benefits of running a guaranteed direct buy, what the differences are between a direct buy vs. a programmatic buy, and how to strategically work with both type of buys in campaigns. Learn the best practices of direct buying and negotiating tactics.

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Course Highlight

Strategy and Execution

Direct buying was the primary way to purchase inventory from a publisher prior to programmatic buying. While programmatic is a major way advertisers access inventory in the digital landscape, there are still many strategic benefits to running a direct buy. In this session, we will discuss how to reach your target audience using a direct buy and how you can complement programmatic buys with direct.

Additional Learnings in this Course

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Overview of Direct Buying

In order to understand the scope of direct buying, we need to take a step back and define it and highlight what some of the biggest benefits are. From there, we’ll take a dive into the pros and cons of direct buying.

Setting up a Direct Buy

While setting up a direct buy seems easy, there are key strategic steps an advertisers can follow to set them up for success. In this session, we’ll go through the main four steps.

Strategy and Execution

Walk through a real-life example of how to reach your target audience using programmatic and direct buys. You’ll learn the main areas of focus and understand the process of reaching an advertiser’s audience.

What’s next

Learn what is next in the exciting world of direct buying.

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