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About this Data Essentials Certification

Learn the best of the data basics! Journey through the state of data today, a high-level overview of the main advertiser identifiers, the differences between first, second, and third-party data, and how to activate on audiences. Learn how data works with advertising campaigns to target audiences and measure performance.

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Course Highlight

Advertiser Identifiers

From cookies to tracking pixel to mobile device IDs, as the standards keep evolving on how data is collected it’s difficult to understand how advertisers and companies are gathering data to serve relevant advertising. Learn some of the common ways advertisers are able to identify data points to target consumers.

Additional Learnings in this Course

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Definitions and Advertising Identifiers

In order to understand data, we need to figure take a look at the different types and what they mean. From there, we’ll take a dive into the most common advertising identifiers and how advertisers use this data.

State of Data Today

The world of data is quickly changing between privacy regulations and browser changes. These changes will have significant changes to the industry as a whole. Learn what the implications are, how we got here, and how you can prepare.

Third-Party Data

While the functionality of third-party cookies will slowly dissipate, it’s still something that advertisers can use today. There are many different ways to use third-party data in tactics, learn them here.

First-Party Data

First-party data is the king of data, the most reliable type of data and will continue to grow as third-party cookies go away. Learn how different types of first-party data are gathered and how to use them.

How to Activate

Time to learn how all of this comes together! Learn how to activate on data that is collected.

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