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About this Contextual Targeting Certification

Journey through the essentials of contextual targeting. Learn what it is, how technology has made it evolve, the benefits, and the different partners available. Leave this eLearning experience with a solid understanding of contextual targeting basics.

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Course Highlight

The Future of Contextual Targeting

Contextual targeting is here to stay but what’s next? Look at our best guesses of what the future holds.

Additional Learnings in this Course

Learning the essentials is a key part of gaining a competitive edge in the digital space. Leave these industry-recognized programs ‘Basis Certified’!

Contextual Targeting Defined

We’ll look at how contextual targeting is defined and some examples of what it is and isn’t.

The benefits

Understand the benefits of using contextual targeting and why you would add it to a digital campaign.

How it works

Technology has come a long way since contextual targeting first became popular. We’ll dive into how it works and how it has evolved.

Contextual Partners

There are many different types of contextual targeting partners. Let’s take a deeper look at four different partners.

In Basis

Time to see contextual targeting in action and how to set it up. Using Basis DSP as an example, we’ll look at what it looks like in a DSP.

Contextual vs. Behavioral

Learn the differences between contextual and behavioral targeting. Understand when to use one over the other.

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