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Connected TV Essentials Certification

For anyone looking to gain a fundamental understanding of CTV advertising.

About this CTV Advertising Certification

Learn the best of Connected TV! Journey through what CTV is, how it came to be, its benefits and how they are used in the industry. Learn about what types of ad placements and inventory are available for CTV today.

Course Highlight

CTV Ad Campaign Basics

We’re back to the basics! Leave this session equipped with a better understanding of the complex world of CTV and learned best practices – ready…set…get started today!

Additional Learnings in this Course

An Introduction to Connected TV

In order to understand Connected TV, we’ll take a look at how it was born and the many definitions that go along with it. The way that users watch television has shifted, and so did the way ads were shown to people.

Full-Funnel Approach

Navigate how CTV can be used throughout the entire marketing funnel from awareness to conversion and action.

How CTV Advertising Works

Technology has come a long way since watching television in your living room. We’ll dive into how CTV advertising works and how you can leverage data.

Ad Placements & Inventory

Recognize how to set up CTV objectives and KPIs while defining your target audience.

Measurement and Reporting

Talk through what the common measurements are for CTV and common report types.

Wrap Up

See how everything ties together in a case study that used a CTV PMP and leave with tips and best practices.

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