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Centro DSP: Your Mobile-First, Cross-Channel Solution

For many years now, DSP vendors have been almost exclusively focused on agency holding companies and national advertisers. This has left independent agencies and challenger brands to grapple with programmatic on their own.

As a result, this segment struggles to find programmatic talent. They need vendors with the right level of programmatic expertise to help, and they’re not getting the attention they deserve from the more traditional DSPs because they don’t have the same clout as the “big boys.” And since this segment is often more resource-constrained, they must be more strategic when selecting technology partners, leaving them with limited options. That is, until now.

Centro DSP is the first enterprise-grade, cross-channel, programmatic ad-buying platform designed specifically for independent agencies and challenger brands. An intuitive product design, trustworthy buying environment, and flexible licensing options – all backed by Centro’s Raving Fan service – make it the ideal choice for businesses that want to take charge of their programmatic strategy.

Cross-Channel, Mobile-First

According to eMarketer, over 56% of programmatic spend is going towards mobile this year. And while there is little doubt as to the importance of mobile, marketers and agencies don’t need yet another point solution. They need a cross-channel DSP that breaks open silos and eliminates measurement headaches. They need mobile capabilities to accurately target audiences in the largely cookie-less world of mobile. Now there is a solution that offers both.

Centro DSP provides unique and industry-leading mobile targeting functionality. This includes the ability to target audiences using device IDs (rather than cookies) and hyper-local location targeting using a mobile device’s GPS data (rather than using IP addresses), in addition to a host of other targeting options.

Reaching consumers on every device in the moments that matter most is essential. Centro DSP gives marketers a holistic solution for planning, creating, and optimizing integrated campaigns, while at the same time providing best-in-class mobile functionality needed to thrive in our connected world.

High-Quality Buying Environment

Offering a safe and trusted buying environment is core to Centro DSP. Here’s what we do to protect our clients:

  1. Curate inventory from our numerous exchange partners, while simultaneously blocking any sources that don’t meet our quality standards.
  2. Contextual brand safety technology ensures ads are being shown in brand safe environments.
  3. Pre-bid fraud detection technology prevents campaigns from bidding on impressions that are known to come from bad actors or questionable computers.

Centro DSP supports different buying options, such as private marketplaces and preferred deals. We have a deal discovery and management interface, making it easy for marketers to find evergreen deals from a multitude of premium publishers, and execute campaigns against them.

Centro DSP was designed to provide complete transparency and control. Reporting, down to the placement level, provides real-time insights into campaigns, without delays. And, with on-the-fly control, media buyers can take immediate action, adjusting and optimizing campaigns to reduce waste and boost performance.

Flexible “Raving Fan” Service

Centro DSP provides flexible service options to suit your business. With our full-service option, our team of experts will manage all aspects of the campaign while clients maintain full account access so they can monitor all activity. For those who prefer to control their programmatic plans, our intuitive interface makes it easy to get started. We also have  a “co-pilot” plan for clients who want to run campaigns with the assistance and training of an expert media buyer.

Our customer success team makes this all possible. This group is a purpose-built team of programmatic ninjas dedicated to helping our clients maximize results using Centro DSP.

We also have an in-house education team whose single goal is to help our clients become better media buyers and build programmatic expertise within their own organizations. To that end, we offer unique training programs and educational materials, such as our Centro Certified certification series, regular training webinars, and a dedicated onboarding team.

Centro is the only ad tech company, focused on delivering technology, strategy and talent to challenger brands and independent agencies.

Centro DSP Is Now Available

Centro DSP has been operating with select partners for the past six months, and we are very excited to announce that it is now available for all customers. If you are interested in finding out more, request a demo.

You can also check out our video below of Matt Sauls, VP of Product Strategy, Programmatic, touching on the capabilities of Centro DSP regarding hyperlocal targeting and its value to local and regional advertisers, agencies, and brands.