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Wellnesspalooza 2021

Every year, Centro hosts a wellness event called Wellnesspalooza. The main goal of Wellnesspalooza is to conduct free health screenings for all our team members and their eligible spouses. These screenings run over 30 tests, ranging from anemia, infections, and certain cancers to heart disease and stroke.

Employees and their spouses can share their results to discuss with their doctors, assess their year-over-year health, and work towards being the healthiest version of themselves. Bonus: US employees can also earn up to 30% off their 2022 premiums by participating!

Preventative care is so important in reducing the chances of a serious health condition. We aim to make preventative checkups as easy as possible for our team members via these free wellness screenings, as well as by providing 100% covered preventative care for anyone on Centro’s medical plan. This year, checkups may be even more important, since many people did not visit their doctors in 2020 due to the pandemic.

In addition to wellness screenings, Centro creates a schedule of both fun and educational events that revolve around the mental, physical, and financial pillars of wellness. We want this event to be an opportunity for employees to step away from their daily work and focus on themselves. It’s a time for employees to come together, have fun, and learn more about their health.

In 2021, our events will remain virtual and open to friends, family, and roommates. We have over 25 events planned during a two-week span, including:

  • Yoga
  • Workout classes
  • Cooking classes
  • A crafting class
  • Ergonomics training
  • Financial education
  • A mental health webinar

Apart from Wellnesspalooza, Centro strives to offer the best benefits to our teammates year-round. Centro’s health insurance plan for employees and their families includes medical, dental, vision, and preventative healthcare.

All employees also have access to a wide range of perks, including Headspace memberships, free and confidential access to our Employee Assistance Program, student debt contributions, fitness & educational reimbursements, and more.

By offering these programs and initiatives, Centro follows through on our commitment to putting our people first, no matter what. Learn more about life at Centro!