Centro provides 401k matching and sabbatical leave ?>
Centro provides 401k matching and sabbatical leave

Rewarding your Efforts

Centro believes that employees who grow to be better individuals also grow to be better employees. Taking care of each other the way one would take care of family is a fundamental part of Centro’s culture.

As a way of encouraging personal discovery and development, Centro offers a paid three-week sabbatical every four years a person is employed by the company. Centrons have taken full advantage of this opportunity. This year alone, we have Centro employees traveling Europe and Oceana, visiting Bruges, Amsterdam, New Zealand and Australia.

Centro empowers employees to care of themselves today as well as tomorrow. Each Centro employee has the opportunity to be set up with a 401(k) account to begin investing in their future. The matching program for the 401(k) account vouches for Centro’s investment in employee futures.