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Centro logo and FreeWheel logo next to each other

Redefine Your Digital Media Business

Data from media buying doesn’t always translate easily to financial systems—with dynamic CPMs and fluctuating contracts, campaign data typically has to be pulled from multiple siloed systems, making monthly and quarterly reconciliation a major pain point for agencies. Finance teams are under even more scrutiny to perform with accuracy and speed.

Centro and FreeWheel partnered to build a robust API-level integration between their platforms, Basis and Strata, which connects digital media planning and execution with client billing and vendor payments. Together, the platforms present an automated solution to reduce financial risk, streamline billing and reconciliation, and generate trustworthy data.

Basis and Strata offload additional pressure by reducing manual labor – which decreases errors and accelerates processes that have undermined the capacity of accounts payable teams for decades. Review the benefits of this exciting partnership below!

1. Reduce Financial Risk With Combined Technology

Our two-way API connection protects margins by routinely sharing information between platforms, with accelerated billing and reconciliation processes to help improve cash flow. Collect payments faster by getting accurate invoices out on time and pay vendors right away.

Visual of the two-way integration between Centro and FreeWheelFinancial risk management is critical for any successful business.

2. Take Back Time With Automated Billing Processes

Once an estimate ID is entered in Basis, information flows between the two platforms daily, liberating employees from manual-entry duties and allowing them to focus on more strategic assignments.

Visual of integration between Centro and FreeWheel. Shows that each data point need only be entered once.
Each data point need only be entered once, which accelerates the billing and reconciliation process and helps improve cash flow.

3. Trust The Data

This integration eliminates the anxiety of a missed, revised, or updated media plan. The ongoing dialogue between Basis and Strata is designed to provide a single source of truth, so users can feel confident about the data in front of them.

Screenshot of how exporting data to SBMS looks within Basis.
Once a media plan is approved in Basis, data is automatically sent to Strata
Buying Management Software (SBMS). Any updates or revisions made in Basis
will translate and export into SBMS immediately, with a revised placement status.

It’s as easy as…

Link—enable Strata Buying Management Software (SBMS) in Basis.
Plan—create campaigns in Basis and match them to estimates in SBMS.
Buy—execute omni-channel digital media buys in Basis.
Bill—data flows automatically from Basis to SBMS.

Are you ready to redefine your digital media business from planning to payment? Increase your operational efficiencies today! Basis’ integration with SBMS makes automated billing and financial reconciliation easy. For more information on Centro’s partnership with FreeWheel, read the full press release.