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Political Digital Digest: February 2016

Back in December, we talked about digital media emerging as a critical strategy for campaign success. Spend is up, usage is up, and early predictions claim that the candidate who rides the road all the way to the White House will also be the one who best harnesses the power of digital.

As results from the primaries are rolling in, so too are the stats proving that digital media has moved from the wings to center stage. A study released by the IAB in late January showed that digital media was on par with TV as a primary source of information about the candidates and political issues. But, just like campaigning, effective digital requires a smart strategy – one that takes advantage of the right opportunities at the right moments, all while sidestepping potential landmines. Super Tuesday is March 1st. Will the big winners also be the biggest digital marketers?

Only time will tell.

Each issue of Political Digital Digest brings you the latest news and developing stories about the innovative role digital media is playing in the 2106 election. Everything you need to know is right here, right now.

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