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Connected TV: Fact and Fiction

The definition of “watching TV” has changed—cable is slowly becoming a thing of the past, as streaming and digital video content take over. Connected TV (CTV) brings digital video to the silver screen, allowing viewers to utilize media streaming services such as Roku or Apple TV via their television. While Connected TV used to be filled with ad-free content, networks with ad-supported content are now entering the field—providing a new avenue of ad space for advertisers to conquer. Review the Connected TV facts versus fictions below, in order to use this platform most effectively:

Fact: Connected TV is growing

Although Connected TV may not be as popular as mobile or desktop streaming, its reach is expanding rapidly. In 2019, 57% of the general population used Connected TV at least once a month. Historically, advertising has been somewhat limited on Connected TV because viewership has been heavily skewed towards services like Netflix and Amazon, which are not ad-supported. Now, ad-supported content providers—such as Hulu and TV networks—have invested in Connected TV advertising. As Connected TV begins to outgrow traditional TV, many networks are joining in on the future of digital video.

Fiction: There is no ad space available on Connected TV

Connected TV is a new territory for advertisers because only recently has there been an increase in ad-supported content providers. Now that they have entered the realm, there is plenty of space for ads, and the “free” ad-supported content is what most viewers want. 63% of ad-supported video viewers said they did not mind seeing ads if the content was free.  Over half of these consumers said they liked when brands supported the content that they watched.

Fact: Connected TV advertising is the closest digital form of traditional advertising

While Connected TV is a digital platform, it still provides the opportunity to broadcast ads created for a traditional TV environment, such as :30 second TV spots. These ads run in HD-quality within TV-like programming—yet, Connected TV advertising also offers what traditional advertising can’t, such as greater targeting opportunities.

Fiction: Programmatic advertising does not exist on Connected TV

Since Connected TV is connected to the Internet, it does have ad inventory that is available programmatically. CTV advertising provides the opportunity to extend your digital audience base and reach multiple viewers. While different than programmatic TV, Connected TV still offers opportunities to buy ads programmatically.

You’re on your way to becoming a CTV advertising expert! Don’t wait to incorporate this emerging channel into your media mix—learn more about Connected TV Advertising with Centro.